Friend to the Ball-less

Today’s post is dedicated to Jeremy Scott Browning – the artist behind my new cover graphic.

Take a close look. The guy has talent, but he sure lacks mercy. I remember that volleyball like it was yesterday. You’d think he could have drawn the picture a second earlier when I still had a chance of hitting the ball.

I wouldn’t call Jeremy a dadwithoutballs. The dude played football at Central High until Martha Sanchez broke his heart and sent him into a teenage tailspin. Oh the glory days.

Jeremy and I have been the best of pals since the sixth grade. I don’t remember either one of us playing with balls when hanging out. We were much more likely to draw/write, read comic books, play Dungeons and Dragons, and obsess about girls. So I’m making him an honorary member of the club despite his troubled foray into football.

Jeremy teaches in Japan where he has a wonderful wife and two sons. You can check out more of his stuff at Jeremy’s Art

Jeremy is available for commissions if you want to enhance your blog, webpage, or living room wall with his fine work. Just email him at

This is one of my favorite pics that you’ll find at his Flickr page.


And here’s the pic of me at a wider angle.


Thanks buddy!


3 thoughts on “Friend to the Ball-less

  1. Thanks so much for dedicating this write up on me. And designing the volleyball picture above was a real treat. Though I like ball sports, I must admit, I’m not that good at them. Usually on the losing end. So, I feel in good company with the ball-challenged dads.


  2. Great graphic cover! I am amazed at the work graphic designers do today! Those darn broken hearts have so many consequences! Have a good one!


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