One dad’s story of survival without sportsball

– Also ramblings about attempts to write something halfway decent –

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By Dave Emanuel

I’m a sort-of-regular guy trying to raise kids and enjoy my life without a love of sports.

This is harder than you might think. Speaking up at work or parties often makes me feel like the guy who orders a salad at a steak house. The twelve-year-old girl who doesn’t have a boy crush to squeal about. Or the boy with peanut allergies who just ruined the fourth grade. And yes, my kids occasionally suffer from their dad’s strange preferences.

But tossing sports (particularly those with balls in them) out of my life has left room for a whole bunch of other things. My family talks. We go to plays and concerts, enjoy games, and have time to do stuff like write, act, and sing.

Okay, maybe sporty families do these things too. But I get to live this way without having to embarrass myself on the baseball diamond or relive past failures on the basketball court.

So if you want to goof off, laugh at some stories, and connect with a dude who throws the ball all kinds of wrong, click on one of the posts on the right.

Occasionally in this blog, I might offer marginally helpful advice for dads’ with similar defects. If you are looking for a dad blog with consistently useful information on parenting, there are plenty of great places to go. I’m sure there are many other wonderful blogs that I’m not mentioning – sorry.

10 thoughts on “One dad’s story of survival without sportsball

  1. I love the picture in your header. I would have loved a dad who went to concerts and who could act or sing. Mine didn’t do any of that or do sports either. I made up for it by doing everything! 🙂

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  2. Since I also don’t care for sports AND have children, I’m sure I’ll get very useful advice. 👍⚽️🏀🏉🏈⚾️🎾

    P.S. This is better than Facebook Dave.


  3. Awesome that you signed up for the Insecure Writers Support Group! Now all you have to do is write a post. Not too late. Get one up! 🙂


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